Military can enjoy parks fee-free for all of August.

Celebrate Colorado the right way with a trip to one of the state's enchanting state parks ... for the hard-to-beat price of free! Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) waiving entrance fees for all 41 state parks on Monday, August 3, in honor of Colorado Day. 

According to CPW, Colorado Day was to mark the anniversary of statehood, granted in 1876 by President Ulysses S. Grant. While the state officially recognizes the day on August 1, CPW has an annual tradition of dropping park fees on the first Monday of August. 

“Colorado Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the natural beauty of our state and spend time outside,” said State Trails Program Manager Fletcher Jacobs.

It's important to note that while entry is free on these days, all other park fees remain in effect, including camping reservations, hunting and fishing licenses, etc. But don't let that stop you because the activities that you can enjoy for free, and those that have a fee, are well worth it! Activities like hiking, biking, stargazing, geocaching, birdwatching, wildflower viewing, and so much more are absolutely fee-free. Other activities like horseback riding, boating, and fishing will require extra funds but are not to be missed. 

"Coloradans have a rich tradition of embracing an outdoor lifestyle, and our state parks offer a variety of outdoor activities that people of all ages and physical levels can enjoy," Jacobs said. 

In addition, CPW and the state of Colorado is proud of our military members and their service. For the entire month of August, active duty military and veterans can enjoy free admission to any state park. Military members and veterans can pick up a free August Military Pass at any Colorado state park or CPW office with proof of military service. Passes become available on August 1.

To begin planning your next park adventure, visit the CPW park finder.

Let's also make sure we take care of our land and public spaces—observe Leave No Trace principles and trail safety etiquette, which this year includes putting your mask up when passing people on the trail to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 

For more information about Colorado’s state parks and outdoor recreation, visit the CPW website.

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