The 42nd Annual Denver Film Festival is a few weeks away, so we've put together a quick guide for your ease!

The 42nd Annual Denver Film Festival will take over Denver by the end of October. The 12-day film event is a celebration of local, domestic, and international cinema, hosted by the non-profit Denver Film Society. If you have been meaning to look up information about the festival, or if you don't even know which venues will participate or what movies will be featured, here's our quick guide to the Denver Film Festival 2019.

What is the Denver Film Festival?

The Denver Film Festival is the largest film celebration in the Rocky Mountain Region. The festival promotes a diversity of films, developing an opportunity for audiences to discover premiering films they might not have heard of otherwise. Since 1978, the Denver Film Festival screens local and international feature-length films. The festival is celebrating its 42nd anniversary this year.

denver film festival 2019

Courtesy of DFF website

When does the festival start?

The film festival will last 12 days, starting on Wednesday, October 30, and ending on Sunday, November 10.

What movies will be showing at the festival?

The festival will feature more than 250 films. The full schedule is now available on the festival's website, and the lineup is impressive!

What is the focus of the international films this year?

There will be a variety of international films for the Denver Film Festival. However, the international cinema focus turns toward Brazilian films this year.

Where are the movies shown?

The screenings take place in several cinemas around the city, including the UA Denver Pavilions, the Sie FilmCenter and the Festival Annex at the Mc Nichols Civic Center Building. Usually, the majority of the films are shown at the Sie FilmCenter with additional screenings in the other theaters. The opening-night screenings and red carpets are mostly shown at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

How much are tickets for the festival?

Tickets are currently on sale on the Denver Film Festival's website. They offer several options, starting with the 6-pack, which includes six individual screenings for $60. The next options are the 15-pack for $135, which includes 15 individual screenings. There's also the Red Carpet Pack for $75, a special package that offers three of the red carpet opening night screenings that take place at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. 

For additional information and the full schedule, visit the Denver Film Festival's website.

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