There's just something magical about homemade soup.

And the great news is you don't have to be under the weather in order to enjoy a bowl of homemade soup. Regardless of how you're feeling, enjoy celebrating National Homemade Soup Day on February 4.

Whether a hearty concoction or a thin broth, soup has been around since ... are you ready for this? ... 20,000 BC. Archaeologists have discovered evidence such as clay pots ever since the invention of waterproof containers. 

"There‚Äôs a couple theories on where soup got its name. The first is that it comes from ancient Rome, based on the Latin word 'suppa' which means bread in broth. The other is that it comes from the Germanic word 'sop' which means the bread used to soak up stew," writes Sole Soups.

From most cultures around the world, there is at least one culinary iconic soup. Really, soup is a culmination of unique ingredients and homemade intentionality. But does soup really serve a medicinal purpose? While moms often offer chicken noodle soup to a child who's home sick from school, we wonder if that's just a theory. In a recent study, scientists chimed in to back the power of soup. It's believed that chicken noodle soup stunts the growth of white blood cell inflammation. So with that magical nugget here's ...

How to Observe National Homemade Soup Day

It's all about soup today! Try these quick and easy ideas to get in the soup mood throughout the day:

  • Head over to your locally-owned deli for a cup of soup over lunch. Thank the owner for his or her creation.
  • Pull out your favorite cookbook and browse the soup recipes. Mark your favorite to try this week.
  • Call your mom or aunt to ask for a soup recipe from your childhood. Enjoy chatting and catching up.
  • Bring out your stockpot and create your own homemade soup for dinner. After all of these years, and variations, and adaptations, there are literally thousands of soup recipes. Check out a few of our favorite recipes:

What kind of soup did you have today? Share in the comments.