Stock up on new titles from your neighborhood comic book store through September 9.

Good news for comic book fans: Not only is "Free Comic Book Day"  (FCBD) still on, but it's arriving with some extra perks!

In an exciting twist, Free Comic Book Day will be held all summer long from July 15 through September 9. Organizers have called the event "Free Comic Book Summer" as 45 new titles will roll out over the nine-week period at comic book stores around the country. The event was originally postponed back in March in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“Every year, Free Comic Book Day is our big event to thank current comics fans, welcome back former fans, and invite those new to comics to join the fun,” said event creator Joe Field in a statement. “In this very different year, Free Comic Book Day is more like Free Comic Book Summer... and there’s so much fun to discover in this year's FCBD comics! So many cool stories are available for this stretched-out Free Comic Book Day 2020."

Field also owns the shop Flying Colors Comics in Concord, California.

The event typically runs on the first Saturday of May, but 2020 hasn't been a typical year. With the coronavirus derailing large-scale gatherings, many organizers have adjusted to its challenges. To accommodate retailers' circumstances, participating stores will receive five to six titles in weekly shipments that they can distribute however they choose.

So many great picks are up for grabs this year from publishers like DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics, and the genres are limitless. Check out your favorite superheroes, sci-fi universes, and tie-ins for TV shows like My Little Pony and Stranger Things.

FCBD began in 2002 with Diamond Comic Distributors as a way to draw comic book fans to their favorite indie book stores. Today its celebrations span multiple countries, with millions of comics given away annually.

Field adds, "I'm confident long-time fans and newcomers alike are going to find a story that'll make them want to visit their local comic shop every week!"

Free Comic Book Day is active on social media, so check out their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles for more information. You can find the full list of releases here.

Will you be checking out Free Comic Book Day this summer? Are there any titles you're stoked to get? Share them with us in the comments!