Learn about the hoppy beverage you love so much at the new Brewing Through the New West exhibit at the Colorado History Center.

Colorado is known as a hub for beer lovers and it's home to tons of craft breweries, and that's because beer has been a part of Colorado culture since the 1800s. You can learn all about it at the Beer Here! Brewing the New West exhibit at the Colorado History Center. If you're a history buff and a beer lover, then this is perfect for you!

This eye-opening exhibit will take you through over 150 years of Colorado beer history. Dating back to the days of the Gold Rush, beer has had an extensive history in Colorado. From makeshift saloons in the mountains to craft breweries in Denver, beer has been a noticeable influence over the people of Colorado. There will be five distinct parts to this exhibit, and each one covering a different era of beer in Colorado.

Beer of the Mining Frontier

Learn about the immigrants who took over Colorado mining towns during the Gold Rush. 

Brewing an Industry

Find out about Colorado's position as an industrial powerhouse in the Rocky Mountains.


Did you know that Colorado started its own Prohibition four years before the national Prohibition was in place? You'll learn all about it and more during this segment. 

Coors Country

Find out how Coors and Ball Corporation grew from a small brewery and bottling operation to the massive partnership they have today. 

The Rise of the Craft 

Learn about the unique connection that was discovered between the great outdoors and ice cold brews. This relationship would change the world of beer forever. 


You will be able to see historic memorabilia like classic advertisements for Coors, vintage bottles, and learn how people secretly made beer during the Prohibition. After the exhibit, you can stick around and taste beer samples in the cafe. There are even other special events connected to this exhibit like a home brewing class and special lectures. 

Brewing the New West is going on now and ends on August 9, so make sure to go before the summer is over! Get your tickets here.

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