Calling all witches and wizards (and even Muggles)! Join your Housemates in the Great Hall! 

Step into a magical universe created just for magic-loving families and adults. The Wizard's Brunch and Dinner will be making its debut in Denver sometime this summer (preliminary info is suggesting June, but no location has been disclosed), and it's the most exciting, immersive experience this side of Diagon Alley that Harry Potter fans won't want to miss. 

"It’s time to dust off those broomsticks, wash off your gowns and get ready for the biggest event happening this year! Experience a brunch and dinner like no other that combines dining with immersive entertainment - learn spells, drink magic potions, and eat foods set for a wizard in the heart of your city," says the event's website. Entertainers will be on hand, as well, to keep everyone engaged. 

And honestly, we're so excited! Like, even more so than when the two Harry Potter-inspired beer festivals came to Denver.

The Wizard's Brunch entertainment.

The Wizard's Brunch and Dinner will cast a spell on you. Courtesy of The Wizard's Brunch and Dinner. 

Once guests step into this wondrous world, they will be treated to a Great Hall-esque scene, complete with candles and owl cages suspended from the ceiling, wands, house robes, food, and photo ops aplenty. 

This fantastical event will offer two seatings so everyone can enjoy the magic. The first seating will be the family-friendly brunch option, welcoming ages 3 and up to ensure all ages will practically float with excitement (wingardium leviosa not needed). The second seating is an adults-only dinner, allowing older witches and wizards to cast up a little grown-up fun. 

All attendees are encouraged to dress up, but if you'd prefer to wear your muggle clothes, that's welcomed, too. 

Currently, tickets aren't yet on sale, but are expected sometime in or after April. But, you can sign up online now to get on the waiting list. It might be best to do it now because this event has proven popular in other cities, and tickets may be more elusive than the golden snitch if you wait too long. 

Accio good times! Check out the video below, courtesy of The Wizard's Brunch (Facebook), to see what it's all about. You can also check out the Facebook page for tons of photos of previous events

What do you think? Will you don your robes and wand and attend this event? Let us know in the comments below.

Attend the Wizards and Witches Beer Festival this weekend, March 1-3!