Let's face it: The only reason any of us even know the word "dysentery" is because of the popular video game, The Oregon Trail.

And now, for one night only, the History Colorado Center is giving everyone the chance to experience the trials and perils of the trail as they bring The Oregon Trail video game to life, in "The Oregon Trail: In Real Life." WHEN: Saturday, January 27 | 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. WHERE: History Colorado Center | 1200 Broadway, Denver, Colorado TICKETS: $15 for museum members | $35 for nonmembers From using human hamster balls to ford the river, to giving us a shot at the computer game we all remember in a recreated '90s computer lab, the History Colorado Center is pulling out all the stops for this event, making The Oregon Trail: In Real Life (IRL) an interactive exhibit that completely takes over the museum. There's even a cash bar with music to celebrate your success or (more likely) demise in a cemetery setting at the end of your journey. [embed]https://www.facebook.com/HistoryColorado/videos/10155799323751285/[/embed] "Supported by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, The Oregon Trail: IRL takes you back to a time when measles, snakebites, oxen, and your school librarian ruled your life," the History Colorado website says. The actual Oregon Trail was a 2,170-mile route that pioneers used between 1811 and 1840, to cross the continent via covered wagon, from Missouri to Oregon. The trail passed through Nebraska and Wyoming, just north of Colorado, with one branch of it dipping into the northeast corner of what would later become The Centennial State. Some pioneers eventually branched off the main route and followed the Platte Rivers southwest to create the Denver settlement, as well as others.
The computer game version of The Oregon Trail, which was first developed in 1971, was the first exposure many of us had to that all-important era in American history. Time Magazine even ranked the iconic game as 9th on its 2016 list, "The 50 Best Video Games of All Time." For more information on the interactive exhibit, and to purchase tickets, visit the History Colorado Center website. So what are you doing on January 27? Will you be testing your pioneer skills and overall endurance in a live-action version of The Oregon Trail? Will you be tackling the art of survival against the likes of deadly dysentery and cholera? Weigh in below! Oh, and -- good luck and Godspeed!

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