"It's a-me, Mario!" Enjoy the games, the cartoons, and the shenanigans all surrounding the beloved plumber, Mario.

Whether you grew up playing video games or not, chances are you're still familiar with the iconic Mario. Mario and his brother, Luigi, are known plumbers from the original Donkey Kong video game by Nintendo. And according to National Day Calendar, March 10 is set aside as National Mario Day

"Video gamers fond of the Nintendo game and its characters created the game. The date was cleverly selected for the way it spells the character’s name when abbreviated," says the National Day Calendar.

Mario and his brother, Luigi, face many obstacles together. As practicing plumbers, these Italian brothers troubleshoot and solve each challenge presented by the leading game maker, Nintendo. As the games progressed, fans joined in on the fun to rescue Princess Toadstool or Princess Peach (depending on the game). Fans have fallen in love with the characters and closely followed the storylines that provided hours of fun, intrigue, and play.

Together, we can celebrate all-things Mario! Here are a few fun facts gathered by the Guardian in celebration of Super Mario Bros' 25th anniversary (celebrated in 2010). 

  • Mario's iconic look was due to artistic limitations. He wears a hat because realistic hair was too difficult. His mustache accentuates his nose, rather than the challenge of drawing an upper lip.
  • The first Super Mario Bros game sold more than 40 million copies. That number is off by a bit as the game was bundled with the console. Super Mario Bros was considered the best-selling game of all time until it was dethroned by Wii Sports.
  • Charles Martinet has been the voice of Mario since 1995. He is also the voice of Wario and Luigi.
  • Mario has appeared in more than 200 video games.

In 1981, Mario first appeared on Donkey Kong. Nintendo, in an effort to break into the North American market, launched a series of games. Despite criticism and doubt, Donkey Kong received rave reviews in both North America and Japan.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show was an animated and live-action show containing 65 episodes in 1989. Each episode contained the expected banter, challenge to solve, and creative and light-hearted solution as it played out.

How to Celebrate National Mario Day

Today is guaranteed to be fun when you include Mario! Consider one (or all!) of these ideas to add a little Mario to your day.

  • Talk like Mario. Nintendo has put together a great list of quotes from the game, cartoons, comics, and movies. Pick a few key phrases and incorporate the quotes in your everyday conversation. Here are several to get you started:
    • "Hey! Come back here! You big-a monkey!"
    • "Nice of the princess to invite us over a picnic, eh Luigi?"
    • "Sorry we can't stay and chat with you goons, but we have a race to win!"
    • "Uh, excuse my brother, he gets nervous around guys six times bigger than him!"
    • "Life is a game, Kid! It all depends on how you play!"
  • Dress like Mario. Grab a pair of blue overalls, and consider adding a Mario hat
  • Invite some friends over for a Mario Kart tournament. Be sure to serve Mario-themed snacks. Consider having a legitimate tournament, complete with brackets and prizes.

Whatever you have planned today, be sure to include your favorite race-car-driving cartoon plumber.

How did you celebrate National Mario Day? Tell us in the comments.