Hair comes the most, um ... interesting event of the weekend: The Longmont Mane Event.

For a brewery that features a beard of the month photo contest on its website, and a prominent link to join the Boulder Facial Hair Club, it should come as no surprise that Longmont’s Großen Bart Brewery (German for “big beard”) holds an annual beard and mustache festival. If you’ve spent the summer working on your vacation goatee or greasing up your handlebar poolside, this Saturday, July 27, is your chance to be named champion of the Longmont Mane Event.

Festivities start at 4 p.m. with booths, henna and face painting, and beer. At 6 p.m., men and women will take to the stage for the beard and mustache contest judging. Categories are still being confirmed for this year, but in past years prizes have been given out for the best mustache, best partial beard, best full beard, and the annual “Whiskerina” award, which will go to one lucky lady sporting her finest facial hair. Winners in each category will take home a variety of prizes, from brewery merchandise to gift certificates from local Longmont businesses.

And this isn’t just another fun, beer-fueled event: it’s for charity. Entry costs $5 and proceeds will be donated to Longmont Humane Society, to help the local homeless pet population, and to Firehouse Art Center.

“We wanted to get more involved in community, and to bring people together to raise money for local nonprofits,” said co-founder Taylor Wise. This is the third year in a row they’ve raised money for the Longmont Humane Society, and the first year they’ve included a second charity.

Wise expects about 20-30 participants in the Mane Event this year, and over 300 people to attend.

If facial hair isn’t your forté, you can still participate in giant beer pong (think basketballs and five-gallon buckets in place of ping pong balls and red Solo cups), or sign up on-site to join the cornhole competition, which runs from 7-10 p.m. There will also be food trucks, live music, and raffles for Großen Bart merchandise throughout the evening. And don’t forget to pick up a bottle of their private label beard oil to take home to 'stache away (pun intended) for next year’s contest.

Need style ideas for the event? Check out this video of 23 creative facial hair designs:

Those considering growing a beard will be relieved to know that, according to Wise, excessive facial hair does not impede one’s ability to drink beer. “Soup and sandwiches kind of suck to eat. But you can’t stop us from drinking beer!”

The craziest beard he’s ever seen? “I’ve been to facial hair contests where people use hairspray and shape their beards into all kinds of crazy things. Once I even saw a guy who spelled the word ‘beer’ out of his beard.”

So, it’s safe to say the competition on Saturday night could be a bit stiff.

What’s the craziest beard you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments!

Großen Bart Brewery is located at 1025 Delaware Ave Unit A, in Longmont. For details, visit the Longmont Mane Event page on Facebook.