The Rock Creek Conservancy is bringing together thousands of volunteers to do a massive cleanup of Rock Creek. Will you be one of them?

Maryland and D.C. residents are coming together for the 11th year in a row to help keep Rock Creek beautiful. Join their ranks and find a spot to volunteer near you today.

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When is the Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup?

Saturday, April 13, 2019 -- Start times will vary by location, so be sure to register and touch base with your team leader about start and end times.

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Where is the Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup happening?

Efforts will be spread out all over D.C. and Maryland. Click here to view a map of cleanup sites that still need volunteers (green pins) and sign up for one of those. Locations marked with yellow pins still need leaders in case you've got that take-charge kind of personality!

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Who can sign up for the event?

Anyone! This is a family-friendly project with all supplies provided by the Rock Creek Conservancy. Simply come wearing comfortable clothes suitable for working outside and getting dirty. Team leaders will be in charge of orienting their groups.

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What kind of impact does this event really have?

In 2017, there were 1,732 volunteers who picked up a total of 872 bags full of trash. They also gathered 1,384 pounds of bulk junk too large to fit into bags and 10 car tires.

In 2018, that number went up to 2,022 volunteers who collected 1,035 bags full of trash! They more than tripled the bulk junk haul to 4,516 pounds and found 76 car tires -- Imagine what even more people could accomplish in 2019!

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**All photos in this article are courtesy of the Rock Creek Conservancy.

For more information about this event, read the Rock Creek Conservancy press release or visit their Facebook page. Once you sign up for a spot, you will also have a site leader whom you can contact.

Have you been a part of a Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup? Drop your photos or tell us what to expect in the comments below!

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