All through February, you can enjoy the Virginia Zoo's exhibits and the special augmented reality tour with free admission Fridays!

It's February, so your cabin fever is probably setting in and you are ready to get out of your house. The Virginia Zoo has the perfect way for you to end your workweek and go wild with free Fridays! For the remaining Fridays in February, you can visit the Virginia Zoo for free! 

With your ticket, you can walk the exhibits, enjoy and browse the gift shops, and experience the new augmented reality tour.

Virginia Zoo augmented reality tour

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It may seem a little unseasonal to go to the zoo at this time of year, but you will actually have a better opportunity to see some animals that may be more elusive during the summer months. Greg Bockheim, the Executive Director of the Virginia Zoo, stated that some of the animals "are more active in the cooler temps—like the red pandas and cheetahs."

Once you're done enjoying the outdoor attractions, swing over to the Conservatory to see the monkeys and sloths. You can even hit the new World of Reptiles to see lizards, turtles, and other awesome reptiles!

As you wander through the Virginia Zoo, remember to immerse yourself with the augmented reality tour! Download the Zapper app and use it on certain signs to get more information on the animals. You can listen to tidbits, watch videos, access specific web pages, and more at these locations:

Virginia Zoo augmented reality tour map

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You owe it to yourself to unwind at the end of the week, so why not treat yourself and save some cash at the Virginia Zoo on Fridays! What are some of your favorite animals to visit at the Virginia Zoo? Let us know in the comments!