No, this holiday wasn't created by moms. Though, they're understandably proud of your cleaning.

Can you see the floor of your room? Me, neither. But today's the day to band together and get a little cleaning done. According to National Day Calendar, May 10 is National Clean Up Your Room Day.

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Courtesy of Marie Kondo (Facebook)

And maybe it's been on your to-do list for a week ... or a month ... to pick up your room and live more like a civilized human. But, like many days, there are countless things you'd rather be doing.

We'll take a couple of steps together and clean our rooms. Here are a few ways to clean that make a big overall impact:

  1. Gather dirty laundry. Sort the laundry into reasonably-sized loads of darks, whites, delicates, etc., and start a load in the washer. While your clothes are washing, move onto Step #2.
  2. Collect trash and dirty dishes. You guessed it ... trash goes right into the trash can, and dirty dishes can go straight to the kitchen. While you're in the kitchen, start a load of dishes in the dishwasher.
  3. Make your bed. You might have to clean off a few things first, but pull up the sheets, smooth out the bedspread, and add your decorative pillows. (Bonus points ... You can take the sheets off of your bed to wash while you're continuing to clean. But, we get it. Baby steps.)
  4. Sort like things together and put them away. Remember to listen for your washer and dryer to continue switching loads.
  5. Take a doggone picture of your masterpiece, and text it to your mom:)

Think of things you can do daily to keep your room picked up. It doesn't have to be perfect, but consider making your bed and putting your dirty clothes in a hamper every day.

How to celebrate and have fun on National Clean Up Your Room Day

There are lots of ways to celebrate. Just following the steps above will get you on your way. Though, I encourage you to have fun while you're cleaning.

  • Turn up the music. Dance and sing as you're cleaning. Keywords: "as you're cleaning."
  • Enjoy taking a load of donated clothes and items that you no longer need and someone else will consider a treasure.
  • Grab your family members or a group of friends and clean together. Make today into a progressive clean fest. Spend 30 minutes or an hour in each person's room, enjoy being productive together, and then move onto the next person's room. Be sure to celebrate with a fun dinner tonight.
  • Take pride in finding something that went missing months ago. 

What did you do today to clean up your room? Share in the comments.