One night only: Play some golf, smash some plates, and have the time of your life on October 11.

This is mini-golf to the extreme. Smash Room Golf is bringing a new pop-up to Denver that will allow guests to try a brand new mini-golf course with a bar, which will allow you to break things along the way.

"Have you ever wanted to smash a vase with a golf ball? Maybe smash some TVs or even smash some artwork? Great, then we have the perfect event for you," says the Smash Room Golf website.

The concept is pretty simple: don your safety goggles, let off some steam, and take on the challenges of each hole, which include breaking as many things as you can or getting a hole in one through a fire.

"For example, one hole has 12 vases and the aim is to break as many as you can with four shots. Another hole involves having to break a TV and another hole is set on fire and you have to try to get a hole in one. Sound like something up your street?" asks the event, adding the on-location bar will also keep you well-hydrated.

If your swing can smash enough of the challenges (or maybe you can channel your inner rage into constructive destruction), and you win the culmination of the Denver event, the Smash Room Golf Cup, you will have the chance to compete against other city winners in Las Vegas in 2020.

Are you ready to hit the mini links and relieve some serious stress? The location or time hasn't been announced yet, but we know the 12-city tour will make a stop in Denver on October 11. The event will only accept 500 competitors, so make sure you sign up for pre-release tickets as soon as you can.

What do you think? Is a smash-and-golf combo a hole in one? Let us know in the comments.