Forget about shot-skis. The new D.C. Hannukah-themed pop-up bar serves shots in a gigantic menorah.

Whether you're a Gentile or Jew, Ivy and Coney in Shaw is the place for you. During the month of December, the bar is renaming itself Chai-vy and Cohen-y (clever) and helping revelers celebrate the Hebrew festival of lights like never before. Co-owner Josh Saltzman said they came up with the idea after noticing a serious lack of Hannukah-themed bars in Washington, D.C. “It’s wacky, and it fits our idea of having a good time and enjoying a little irreverent fun,” he said. “We hope that people wouldn’t be mad with us if we had a Shotnorah and a dreidel competition.” That's right, the signature of the Chai-vy and Cohen-y pop-up is the Shotnorah, a gigantic menorah designed to allow eight people to take a shot at once. Originally, the owners hoped to include a 16-foot Shotnorah, which would have allowed at least as many customers to take a shot. However, their shoot-for-the-moon design proved to be unwieldy, forcing them to pare it down to a smaller eight-person version.
Patrons can take Snotnorah shots of either Manischewitz wine or Slivovitz schnapps at once. If you haven't seen the Shotnorah in person, it puts shot-skis to shame. Don't worry if you don't have a full party of eight. Bartenders make sure to fit in singles or doubles so they can enjoy the magic of the Snotnorah as well. The best part is that checking the Shotnorah off your bucket list is remarkably affordable, with a shot of Manischewitz wine costing just $2. The highlight of Chai-vy and Cohen-y will be its December 19 Dreidel Spinning Competition where 50-60 people will fight to earn the title of Washington, D.C.'s best dreidel spinner. "This is WWF Dreidel right here,” Saltzman explains. “You have to come up with a name and a shtick.” Costumes are encouraged. During each night of Hannukah, the bar will also draw to a close for the ceremonial lighting of the day's candle. Those in attendance during the candle lighting will also receive their own Hannukah gifts. Chai-vy and Cohen-y is located at 1537 Seventh St. and will be running through December 31. They are open Monday-Friday starting at 4 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday starting at noon.

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