That's right, folks. Summer camp is no longer an event reserved just for kiddos. Adult summer camps are a thing, and the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore City is hosting one this summer!

From June 24 to 26, the Maryland Zoo is hosting an adults-only summer camp. Three days of behind-the-scenes action and education, the camp will give you the chance to become a real zoo insider and expert, as you experience many new animal encounters and activities that the average zoo visitor doesn't get to.

To start with, there will be special tours of the zoo, with unique themes and experiences that you don't get when you visit on your own. You will also get the chance to make animal enrichment activities (think arts and crafts, y'all, this is summer camp after all) and meet various animal ambassadors. Best of all, you'll get to learn a lot about the zoo, how things work behind the scenes, animal husbandry, and how the zoo and its staff are working to protect animals and their habitats.

maryland zoo

Courtesy of the Maryland Zoo

Registration is open now, if you want to sign up. The camp runs for three days, June 24-26, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day (sorry, no bunk beds at this one!). Partial or single-day camps are not available, so make sure you can be off for the whole experience before you sign up. The description notes that the camp requires quite a bit of walking, and if you've never been to Baltimore in the summer, the weather is most likely going to be extra hot with a side of grossly humid. Don't let that stop you from living this dream, however. The camp experience is only $275 for members and $300 for non-members.

If you can't figure out how to devote three whole weekdays to a behind-the-scenes look at the zoo, you're not out of luck. The zoo also hosts adults-only overnight campouts (Zoo Snooze), and there is one on June 6. This overnight experience includes a tour with a focus on nocturnal animals, participatory activities, dinner (with two complimentary drinks), games, a campfire, and breakfast the next morning. Zoo Snooze costs $100 for members and $125 for non-members, and participants are free to explore the zoo the following day. A tent is required for this experience, but it is a nice alternative if you really want to do the summer camp, but can't swing the schedule commitment.

Have you considered signing yourself up for a summer camp? Let us know in the comments!