Thank your dentist on March 6. Don't worry, scheduling a visit as a patient is optional.

According to National Day Calendar, March 6 is set aside to honor dentists everywhere. Welcome to National Dentist's Day, but before you break into a sweat and pace about the room, we're not calling for you to book an appointment today. This is a day to celebrate ... and thank your dentist. Especially in the last year, dentists have become even more essential and their job has become more high-risk during the pandemic. 

They hover over open mouths all day inspecting every tooth, every spot, and every crack. They're dentists, and they're definitely superhero material.

Many people become anxious when visiting the dentist. If you fall into this category, there are steps you can take: 

  • Bring a friend or a family member with you.
  • Be sure to let the dentist staff know of your anxiety. They can be better prepared to walk you through the visit.
  • My personal favorite, treat yourself to a small milkshake after your visit.
  • If you have a severe case of anxiety, discuss this specifically with your dentist. He or she has special interventions, including sedation, to help you.

According to the ADA, it is recommended to schedule a tooth cleaning and exam every six months. This checkup covers more than just the surface of your teeth. Dentists check between teeth, the health of your gums, tongue health, and a variety of other measurements.

Here are a few ideas to extend your appreciation to your dentist:

  • Mail a thank-you note to your dentist.
  • Stop by and bring store-bought treats for your dentist and staff.
  • Give a shout-out to your dentist on social media (intentionally tagging him or her, or sharing their page) as a recommendation.

Any dentist recommendations and/or props to your dentist? Share in the comments.