Ice, ice, baby!

Winter season events keep getting canceled due to the spread of COVID-19, enforcing social distancing and fewer gatherings. Seasonal staples like the annual International Show Sculpture Championships have been postponed until 2022.

However, sculptors and fans of such events have a chance to participate in one of the most unique events, the Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Invitational. The event is scheduled from Friday, January 29, to Sunday, February 7, 2021. The event is sure to turn the ski town into a formidable winter wonderland with icy creations.

Internationally acclaimed sculptors will participate in the competition, each one with a specific spot throughout the town where they will shape the ice to display unique sculptures.

The snow carving will begin on Tuesday, January 26, and end on Friday, January 29. There is no formal process to check out the sculptures. Guests can simply walk through the town to take a look at the sculptors in action. To see the finished results, visitors can stop by the night of the official competition dates to admire the snowy creations, which will be enhanced by colorful lighting.

Additionally, the event will feature a temporary snow art and visitors can wander around Breckenridge's award-winning arts district.

The ice sculptures will remain around the town for the next two weeks, so those who missed the competition can still visit Breckenridge for the day and admire the completed work.

For more information on the 2021 Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Invitational and its COVID-19 guidelines, visit the official Facebook page or Breckenridge's official website.