Get your artistic vibe on!

People of Fairfax County—rejoice! The beloved community event, Spotlight on the Arts is back this year! Located at Sherwood Community Center at 3740 Old Lee Highway, it will run through May 9.

"Spotlight on the Arts" is a prominent annual art showcase that usually occurs in Fairfax County. A collaboration between George Mason University, local businesses, and the City of Fairfax features various artists' works displayed for the public. Artist events include:

  • Virtual storytelling
  • Virtual concerts
  • Presentations
  • Theatrical performances
  • Art displays, such as paintings, engravings, woodblock prints, and photography 

Some local artists performing are Shoestring Theatre Company, Better Said Than Done, Fairfax Sax Quartet, and GMU's Dewberry School of Music.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Executive director of the event, Megan DuBois, commented on the art showcases, "Picking a favorite event is like picking a favorite child for me, because I love them all ... But, I really am excited that the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is going to park a museum in the Sherwood parking lot on May 1 and 2. That's a really cool free event for people to check out."

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, "Spotlight on the Arts" did not take place in 2020. DuBois says being able to have it take place this year is a great experience for the residents of Fairfax County and especially for artists to display their work. A Neighborhood Art Gallery, where neighborhoods are encouraged to decorate their yards in the spirit of the event.  

"Spotlight on the Arts" is also advocating for people above age 14 to submit a video for the National Anthem Contest. Winners will be considered to sing for the Fourth of July Celebration.

This year's "Spotlight on the Arts" theme is Art Heals.

DuBois commented, "We're looking at what the arts bring to a community and how the arts heal and bring us together after a year where we were so separate and far apart."

This sentiment definitely sounds accurate and uplifting!

Will you be attending "Spotlight on the Arts"? Let us know in the comments.