The Vampire Ball embraces the Moulin Rouge for a weekend of supernatural fun.

February in Denver has us seeing red, and it's not all just hearts, roses, and red velvet. The annual Denver Vampire Ball is nearly upon us, and this year's event will have you thirsting for more.

Isibella's Parlor presents the Denver Vampire Ball - Moulin Rouge - A Bohemian Experience!, which will be held from February 28 to March 1, with three events spread out over the weekend.

The weekend kicks off with the Vampire Salon on Friday, February 28, followed by the Vampire Castle Banquet on Saturday, February 29, and The Vampire Ball on Sunday, March 1. The event will be held at The Church Nightclub, 1160 Lincoln Street.

Take a journey back in time to the 1890s for this experience of delightful cabaret and celebration of the "darker side of the Moulin Rouge." Costumes are required and revelers are encouraged to bring out their finest; no street clothes will be allowed in, and this will be strictly enforced at the door. This is an aged 18-and-over event, so guests can feel free to take a walk on the wild side with costumes, and creativity is strongly encouraged.

Denver Vampire Ball, Twilight Vampire gif
Sparkly vampires NOT welcome. Courtesy of GIPHY

For those looking for inspiration, any kind of Victorian-era attire, showgirl outfits, formal and black tie, top hats, tuxes, vests, Steampunk, circus themes, gothic, dark and glamorous, or whatever your style is, make it fancy and go all in.

When: February 28–March 1
Where: The Church Nightclub, 1160 Lincoln Street 
Price: $30–$300

What creature of fantasy and darkness will you go as this year to Denver's Vampire Ball? Maybe a red-eyed countess from beyond the grave? A gentlemanly Dracula, or his less sophisticated bodyguard? Have you been to the Denver Vampire Ball before? Share your thoughts in the comments below.