The Santa Speedo Run only happens once a year!

Ah, yes, my favorite time of year: when everyone makes fools of themselves to help out those in need. From your ugly sweater contests to your jingle bell races, the Santa Speedo Run really takes the cake. I talked about it last year, but it deserves a mention this year in case you forgot. Although how you're going to forget this—

santa run

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—any time soon is beyond me.

Yup, hundreds of Santa and holiday-esque runners will take to the streets of downtown Annapolis on the morning of Saturday, December 14, to make sure we are aware of three things:

1. Christmas is coming.


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It's the holiday season. It's time to start acting and dressing like it. That means eating way too much, wearing lots of red, being extra-friendly, and waiting for Santa. But be sure to stick to your fitness routine! Feel free to modify it to fit your needs for visiting family and staying safe from dropping temperatures and early sunsets, but staying active during the holiday season will help you enjoy those cookies that you meant to leave for Santa!

2. It's time to spread cheer.


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The Santa Speedo Run is all about being silly and having fun. I love this run because it's not a race. There's no need to feel nervous or get competitive. People just get together to celebrate, laugh, and get a little jog in before taking part in the after-party libations. Plus, runners are encouraged to bring a toy for the onsite Salvation Army toy drive. You can spread cheer locally, but you can also make sure that kids in need get to happily partake in opening presents Christmas morning. Having fun and giving back is what the Santa Speedo Run is all about.

and ...

3. Drinking way too much.


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We have to be honest with ourselves. O'Brien's in downtown Annapolis knows how to throw a party. Libations are available and ready at the bright-and-early hour of 10:30 a.m. the day of the Santa Speedo Run, and people are fully partaking. And we have to be honest here, too: We need some liquid courage to run half-naked down the street at 12:30 p.m. even if it is for charity and hilarity! The afterparty starts promptly at 12:45 (hey, it's a pretty short run) and you can bet on more drinks and snacks. Live music by local band SLY 45 will help the party rage on into the afternoon.

Registration costs are $25 for this popular event and include a shirt with a variation of their apt logo:

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This is a popular race, and while I don't think the number of people who can register caps out, t-shirts are going fast! The smallest size available online is currently medium, so if you want a shirt you're not swimming in, you better get on it! 

Speedo-like swimwear and shoes are required. Holiday flair is encouraged. Fun is a MUST!

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