Caps have been tossed into the air, and diplomas have been collected. Now, pack a bag and head on over to Ocean City for Senior Week!

Almost everyone remembers their joy when graduating from high school or college. I certainly do! I put on my fresh dress, covered it with a cap and gown, and donned my honors and extracurriculars cords. I waited for them to call my name, and I stepped across that stage with my head held high because I was completing an important milestone in my life. After the diploma was given to me, I felt like the world was in the palm of my hand, waiting for me to make my mark! But, first I wanted to celebrate -- and the place to go was Senior Week. Some graduates choose to make Ocean City their celebration spot for a week after they step off the stage! You can come here to have fun, relax with friends, and make some fun memories before heading off to college or beginning your career journey. And Ocean City definitely provides enough for all those boxes to be ticked! [caption id="attachment_9751" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Courtesy of Play It Safe Ocean City (Facebook)[/caption]
You can start with the Boardwalk, which should be the eighth wonder of the world. Games, food, and rides galore can be found on this amazing stretch of wood. Then, there's the beach and the sea where you'll have ample space to relax or take a dip and cool off. There's so much to do; click here and see what Play It Safe events might interest you! Play It Safe is a great resource for graduates because the events are free! And who doesn't love free fun?! You can wow people with your singing voice at Idol Karaoke on the Beach. Or you can see how brave you really are by stepping onto the Tidal WAVE Rollercoaster at another event. These events are only a taste of what you and your friends can experience -- from go-karts and mini golf to paddle-boarding and dodgeball! Are you heading to Ocean City for Senior Week? What are some of your plans? Are you attending any Play It Safe Events? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Here are our favorite Ocean City Boardwalk destinations!