“Sleeping with the fishes” takes on a whole other meaning with this adult overnight adventure at the Virginia Aquarium. And we are here.for.it.

When the crowds are gone and the doors are locked, it’s just you, your fellow slumberers, the Aquarium adventure guides, and of course, the amazing resident species of the Virginia Aquarium. Enjoy this special adult overnight event for an exclusive and private behind-the-scenes experience, where most never have the opportunity to go.

Fish Virginia Aquarium Virginia Beach Adult Overnight Event

Courtesy of Suzanna French

When purchasing your tickets, choose where you want to stay. Is it with the hedgehogs or in the jellyfish area? Maybe with the cuddly Komodo dragons or tomistomas? Maybe you'd like to sleep with the sharks (I think I’d have Jaws nightmares, but that’s just me). My personal favorites are the sea turtles. There are other areas from which to choose, so take a look and decide with which creatures you'd like to spend your evening. 

Sea Turtle Virginia Aquarium Virginia Beach Adult Overnight Event

Sea Turtle (Courtesy of Suzanna French) 

So, bring your sleeping bags and favorite pillow, and have an unusual evening full of surprise experiences, all while sipping cocktails and playing games (like "The Price Is Right," the Aquarium Edition). Also, meet the various animal ambassadors who will come out to visit with you. Whether for a date night or some dedicated time with friends, leave the kids at home for this exclusive and adventurous Adult Overnight. 

Komodo Dragon Virginia Aquarium Virginia Beach Adult Overnight Event

Komodo Dragon (Courtesy of Suzanna French) 

Due to the popularity of this event, tickets are selling out fast; click here to purchase.

EVENT: Adult Overnight
 Saturday, August 24 | 8 p.m. – 8 a.m.
WHERE: Virginia Aquarium | Main Building | 717 General Booth Blvd| Virginia Beach
TICKET PRICES: Members: $100; Non-members: $115
DETAILS: Must be 21 years or older; ticket includes two drinks and snacks – additional drinks can be purchased at the bar. 

Seahorses Virginia Aquarium Virginia Beach Adult Overnight Event

Seahorses (Courtesy of Suzanna French)

This is going to be such a fun event. Make sure you take a lot of pictures and share them and your stories on social media and tag us @ocn. I can't wait to find out which resident of the Virginia Aquarium is your favorite. 

All photos are used by permission and courtesy of Suzanna French, Instagram @suzyq8480