With each adult making an average of 35,000 decisions a day, today's the day to make up your mind.

Ketchup or mustard? Socks or bare feet? Stairs or elevator? We're faced with so many decisions on a given day. And then there are bigger decisions in the mix. Should I take the job? How do I navigate the holidays amid a pandemic? How can I overcome fear and take the risk?

According to the National Day Calendar, December 31 is set aside as Make Up Your Mind Day. On this special day, let's all agree to quit wavering, get off that fence, and decide already.

"As New Year’s resolutions go, this may be the day to decide which ones to declare. The day may be used to determine other decisions as well. Career changes, family decisions, and large purchases often keep us from moving forward. We waver between multiple choices or sometimes a simple yes or no. While some life-altering decisions are made on a whim, most people deliberate and weigh the pros and cons before making these types of decisions." 

When facing a big or little decision, you could play Phoebe's game. Phoebe is a character on the television hit Friends (1994-2004). Initially, she helps Joey decide whether he should take the northern route or southern route to Las Vegas for an acting job. Joey and Ross jump in and adapt her game to help others. It doesn't always ... uh, help.

Ideas to Help Make Up Your Mind

It can be tough to decide. Each decision for something is, in fact, against something else. Rather than getting stuck with analysis paralysis, try some of these ideas to get you over the decision hump.

  • Make a Pro/Con List: This list wasn't invented by the Gilmore Girls, though it might have been perfected by them. For bigger decisions, list all the benefits as well as the drawbacks to either decision. Compare lists to help you see what's best.
  • Pretend to Decide: Especially if you have time before a decision needs to be made, pretend you decided one way and sit with that decision for at least 24 hours. Notice how you're feeling. Are you anxious or at peace? This will help you lean into the right decision for you.
  • Phone a Friend: We're all in this together. Ask a close friend to meet you for coffee and discuss the decision you need to make. Listen to your friend's advice and even experience in making a similar decision.
  • Research: With 500 million blogs in existence, there just might be someone who has shared his or her experience with a similar situation of making the decision you need to make.

Whatever decision you make, make it today! Find a way to celebrate the decision and marking today as a day you took that leap of faith. And be willing to embrace the consequences (good and not-so-good) of your decision.

What big decision did you make today? Share in the comments below.