It's all about the dome.

An evening of food under the beautiful Colorado night sky no doubt holds an appeal during the summer, but what about in the colder months of the year. Cookouts on colder, possibly rainy or snowy, April evenings don't particularly offer the same excitement and cozy feeling. Until now, that is.

Montreal-based Dining Under the Stars is bringing its unique pop-up concept to The Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms location for the entire month of April (and hopefully, this fall, as well, though no dates have been announced). The pop-up travels to locations that are generally subject to inclement weather in spring and fall, offering a high-quality four-course meal from a local chef (still to be announced), paired with wine and more, creating a full dining experience that you won't find anywhere else.

The Denver area was a no-brainer thanks, to its burgeoning food scene, weather conditions, and sheer beauty during all seasons. 

Dining Under the Stars

Courtesy of Dining Under the Stars (Facebook)

What makes the dining experience most special, however, is that it all takes place within geodesic, weather-resistant, see-through domes that will protect diners from the exterior conditions while they enjoy a wonderful meal. The domes come complete with heaters and blankets or fans, depending on the weather. Each one is designed to feel like home, featuring laminate hardwood flooring, a dining table, and room for up to six people. While you will have the chance to see stars if the weather cooperates, the concept is more about dining surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

"Dine Under the Stars celebrates spring and autumn by delivering an unforgettable culinary adventure for all your senses. Enjoy a perfect evening of inspired cuisine, great company, wine/champagne and beautiful ambiance in a dome under the stars," the company says.

You can make reservations for the Chatfield Farms Dining Under the Stars event here. Each reserved dome runs $45 with promo code (sign up at for special discounts and more) with an additional $76 charge per person, up to six people per dome. As the chef chooses what to serve, the menu is subject to change during the April 1 to 30 event run. Reservations can be made at 5, 7, and 9 p.m.

Follow the Dining Under the Stars Denver Facebook page for ticket giveaways and more.