Wizards and Muggles alike are invited to celebrate The Boy Who Lived!

Harry Potter fans, unite! This October, you don't have to travel to Hogwarts to immerse yourself in a world of magic—you can simply head over to the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center for LeakyCon Denver 2020!

On October 23-25, an inaugural Harry Potter celebration like Denver has never seen will put on panels, programs, performances, and more. Fans of all ages are encouraged to attend, dress up as their favorite characters, and enjoy three days of wizarding wonders, live entertainment, costume contests, crafts, and so much more.

"Hear from stars and creators of the Harry Potter films about their experiences bringing the magic to life on-screen, explore the LeakyCon Marketplace to find must-have merch and amazing fan treasures, and rock out with some of your favorite Wizard Rock bands, all packed into one unforgettable weekend," says LeakyCon.com.

LeakyCon has been hosting the Harry Potter fan gathering since 2009, and the event has been held in cities across the United States, from Boston and Orlando to Portland and Burbank, as well as internationally in London and Dublin. Previous conventions have featured appearances by Evanna Lynch aka Luna Lovegood, Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy, and many more of the series' actresses and actors.

harry potter actors

Courtesy of LeakyCon (Facebook)

The Denver event will feature events that are ideal for kids (the event suggests 11 as the minimum age to get the full experience) and adults alike. You can buy a pass for the whole event, or just a day pass, if you'd prefer. It is currently running early bird pricing, so get your ticket today! It's a perfect place to celebrate all things magic, whether you are just getting into Harry's wizarding world or have been a longtime fan. 

"LeakyCon had tapped into something I had been missing - the unbridled thrill of being a megafan," said BuzzFeed about the event.

You can get your tickets here! You can also be the first to know about updates and more by signing up for the Owl Post, the official LeakyCon newsletter.

if you just can't wait until October to get your Harry Potter on, you are in luck! A Harry Potter-themed beer festival is just a few months away on February 9, and we've got all the details!