Love is in the Air!

You wouldn't be able to tell from all the snowstorms that we've been getting recently in Colorado, but spring is finally here! At long, long last, we're rounding the corner out of a particularly damp winter and into the (theoretically) sunniest time of the year! Given how beautiful Colorado gets in the sun, it's no surprise that wedding season is waiting right around the corner!

Saying there's a lot of pent-up excitement over weddings this year might be a bit of an understatement. Social distancing guidelines last year meant that plenty of couples were forced to make difficult considerations about their special day. Plenty of couples opted to postpone their weddings until they were confident that they'd be able to safely accommodate their entire guest list. Conversely, other couples took the restrictions as an opportunity to be mindful about who they wanted to share the day with and refocus into a smaller, more intimate guest list. Many couples also picked an in-between option and opted for smaller elopements to have a larger reception once social distancing restrictions lifted. 

Now that summer is looming and restrictions are lifting in Colorado, the wedding buzz is back. Villa Parker, a Mediterranean wedding venue in Douglas County, is hosting a bridal show to kick off the 2021 wedding season! The upcoming Wed Wonderfully event is a boutique bridal show intended to show off the finest of Colorado wedding vendors. 

As anyone who's planned a wedding can tell you, the vendors you pick can make a huge difference in how the event goes. While the uninitiated may assume that planning a wedding just means finding a location and passive-aggressively butting heads with the soon-to-be inlaws, any wedding veteran can tell you that choices like catering matter. Just try to imagine the guests of your dream wedding loading up on room-temperature Tex-Mex if you need further proof. 

Shows like Wed Wonderfully allow brides-to-be (grooms too!) an excellent opportunity to manifest the vision that they have for their dream wedding. Guests can expect to see vendors that tailor to every aspect and aesthetic imaginable, from catering to photography to floral arrangements. 

Looking for a grand, post-pandemic extravaganza where everyone who shares a last name, Facebook friend list, and zipcode with the betrothed will be there? Many vendors specialize in wedding services that can easily scale to create uniquely personal experiences for a large crowd. Conversely, couples who are interested in a compact, intimate wedding with an exclusive guest list can count on having plenty of options to choose from. 

Wed Wonderfully is presented by Brianne Leigh Weddings and will take place on Sunday, May 2 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. MST. Guests can email [email protected] with questions, and RSVP on the event's Facebook page.

What does your dream wedding look like? Daydream in the comments!