Loveland's own Rialto Theater released its scariest movie lineup for Halloween 2020.

What better way is there to celebrate Halloween than watching classic scary movies in a historic (and haunted) theater? The Rialto Theater in Loveland, Colorado, has made this possible for years for those who love to be frightened ... the young and not-so-young.

The Rialto Theater is a place where the community comes together. Throughout the year, the performance hall is alive with music, theater, film, and community events. Nationally touring artists, comedians, and musicians land at the Rialto anticipating a highlight performance. A favorite offering of the Rialto is the classic scary and horror movies in October every year.

Take a look at the movie lineup for 2020. You'll notice evening showings for adults and daytime showings for younger families.

There are procedures in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, which you should read prior to arriving at the theater.

Rialto Theater Halloween Movie Times:

October 9 (Show at 7 p.m.): Beetlejuice
Tickets $3 | Get Tickets

October 10 (Show at 2 p.m.): Monsters, Inc.
Tickets $1 | Get Tickets

October 10 (Show at 7 p.m.): The Birds
Tickets $3 | Get Tickets

October 16 (Show at 7 p.m.): Poltergeist
Tickets $3 | Get Tickets

October 17 (Show at 2 p.m.): Hotel Transylvania
Tickets $1 | Get Tickets

October 17 (Show at 7 p.m.): Clue
Tickets $3 | Get Tickets

October 29 (Show at 7 p.m.): Young Frankenstein
Tickets $3 | Get Tickets

October 30 (Show at 7:30 p.m.): The Blob (as part of the Backstage Rialto Fundraiser)
Tickets $11 | Get Tickets

October 31 (Show at 7 p.m.): Silent Film/Phantom of the Opera (with live accompaniment)
Tickets $8 | Get Tickets

October 31 (Show at 10 p.m.): Halloween
Tickets $3 | Get Tickets

Rialto's Ghost Tales Historic Tour

This is your chance to take a guided tour of the 100-year history of this haunted theater. Multiple tours are available throughout the week leading up to Halloween for $15 per person. Grab a few friends and buy tickets online

With its original opening in the 1920's and a varied and intriguing past it's not surprising the Rialto has become one of Loveland's most haunted buildings. We will take you on a guided walking tour to reveal the history and legends of this historical site. Hear about the construction worker who fell to his death, or experience the haunted projection booth, and who knows what you will find in the haunted dressing rooms and underground chambers. We can't wait for you to experience Loveland's ghostly and frightful past.

What is your favorite Halloween movie? Tell us more in the comments below.