Our Community Now got the inside scoop on the cat-themed convention this past weekend.

The Snowcats Cat Convention took place last weekend, and it was a full two days of all things cat-related—including adoptions, live music, comedy, products, education, and more.

The event is the brainchild of Brandon Zavala, a cat lover and Instagram star (@cat_dadbod) who wanted a place where cat lovers can come together for the things that interest them most and, ultimately, to get cats in need of adoption into their forever homes. We even had the opportunity to sit down with Brandon and interview him!

OCN Interviews Brandon Zavala:

The event was BYOC (bring your own cat), so there was no shortage of adorable cats in costumes. Plus, the lineup of guests and performers was just as entertaining! At times, we found ourselves completely mesmerized—much like a cat when chasing a laser—at the live music or aerobatic acts being performed.

In addition to speaking with Brandon Zavala, we also had the opportunity to chat with a few of the artists and organizations, including Zoltan Kazas, a comedian; Lindsey Ganassa, the director of The Feline Fix; and Mosho, the cat rapper.

You can watch each interview below:

OCN Interviews Zoltan Kazas:

Zoltan Kazas is an extremely talented comedian, who talks about cats and life in general. Learn more about Zoltan here!

OCN Interviews Lindsey Ganassa:

Lindsey Ganassa is the director of The Feline Fix, an organization dedicated to the spaying and neutering of "community" cats in Colorado, as well as being a resource for affordable and quality spaying and neutering for your cats. Learn more about The Feline Fix here!

OCN Interviews Moshow the Cat Rapper:

Moshow the Cat Rapper is a rap artist dedicated to cats and an advocate for their treatment they receive worldwide. He hails from Portland, Oregon, and through his music and books, he seeks to educate the masses about the ethical treatment of cats. Learn more about Moshow here!

The Snowcats Cat Convention was an absolute blast! Having so many people dedicated to cats is heartwarming and renews our faith in humanity. Even though this year's event is over, there's still plenty of time to get geared up for next year. To learn more about the event, head over to its website.

Did you attend the Snowcats Cat Convention this past weekend? Share your photos and experiences with us in the comments below.