The biannual Montgomery County whiskey sale will be held in Clarksburg.

The “Whiskey Rocks” liquor sale is making an early return in 2020. The first of two annual Montgomery County whiskey sales will take place on January 17, 2020, at Clarksburg Village Liquor & Wine Store in Clarksburg, Maryland. The event will include the sale of rare and hard-to-find whiskeys, tastings, bottle engravings, guest speakers, and more. The sale will also coincide with a special tasting lunch hosted by Maker's Mark Master Distiller Denny Potter. 

Each year the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control holds two whiskey events to help support public services in the county including police, fire, and transportation projects. The sales are a great opportunity for both whiskey lovers and novices to sample and learn about whiskey from all over the world. Get your chance to buy those hard-to-find vintages by entering the daily drawings.

whiskey barrel

Image courtesy of Pexels

Some of the whiskeys that will be available at the sale include George T. Stagg, Elmer T. Lee 100-Year Tribute Edition, Old Rip Van Winkle 10-Year, Michter's Toasted Sour Mash Bourbon, Colonel E.H. Taylor Amaranth, and O.F.C. 1994 by Buffalo Trace. New releases will also be offered throughout the day including Yellowstone Limited Edition 2019 Bourbon, Glennfiddich 30-Year, 1792 Full Proof, and Parker’s Heritage Collection 13th Edition. For a full list of releases and drawing times, visit the Whiskey Rocks webpage.

Tickets for the tasting lunch hosted by Maker's Mark Master Distiller Denny Potter are $54.59 and must be purchased through Eventbrite. The lunch will be held at GrillMarX Steakhouse and Raw Bar and includes a three-course menu, welcome drink, and whiskey flight. The Whiskey Rocks sale runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and winners must be present at drawing time.

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