Drumroll, please ...

Colorado has been making quite a bit of noise over the last few weeks, from howling at the moon to bagpipes and incredible online musical performances. And it's about to get louder ... with a statewide drum circle on Thursday night at 7 p.m.!

Created by Donald Rossa, owner of the Dazzle jazz club, the Colorado Drums Forward event is working with the Denver Music GroupColorado Business Committee for the Arts, and Colorado Creative Industries to make the statewide drum circle happen. And with Thursday, April 30, being International Jazz Day, it seemed a fitting date to get the entire state of Colorado together for some drumming.

Colorado Drums Forward is a “drum circle” inspired experience for Coloradans to express creative support for each other and those within the creative arts sector. Colorado Drums Forward is an artful communication campaign to help all Coloradans gain a sense of community and solidarity during this time of social distancing. The idea is to use the concept of a “drum circle” to allow individuals to participate in a singular event. It is a way to non-verbally communicate with family and neighbors around the state.

You do not have to have drums to participate, anything you can use as a drum will work; kitchen containers, cardboard tubes, pans, buckets, you get the idea. Grab your drum and head outside, then right at 7 p.m. let your inner Lars Ulrich rock out for a few minutes!

Drum circles have been used to connect and heal in many different forms throughout history. Whether for a spiritual or musical purpose, drum circles unite people together for a shared objective—and that's exactly what the Colorado Drums Forward initiative is hoping to do. 

“Drumming supports individuals, families, and communities during times of joy, sadness, and change. As we drum together the rhythm can bring us closer to one another with respect and courage as we move towards healing wounds and restoring hope," states project-resiliency.org.

Have you heard all the howling, music, and other ways Coloradans have connected over the last month of staying home? Comment below.