Spend a scenic afternoon at Caromont Farm with cute baby goats and lots of delicious cheese.

If you're feeling the winter blues and anxiously awaiting spring weather, this might lift your spirits: Caromont Farm is hosting snuggle sessions with ... you guessed it, baby goats!

Between March 5 and May 9, visitors can spend a relaxing afternoon hanging out with baby goats while enjoying the farm's offerings. Bingeing the newest Netflix show pales in comparison to lounging with adorable baby animals, wouldn't you agree?


The farm is located in Virginia's Monticello Wine Region and produces award-winning cheeses made from cow's and goat's milk. It's no wonder then that you can also pay a visit to the farm's livestock. While you take a load off with these calming creatures, the farm will also provide additional fun, like farm tours and pop-ups selling an incredible selection of Caromont Farm's own cheeses and other dairy specialties. Now, this is a happy hour we can get behind!

person snuggling goat

Snuggle Sessions are scheduled on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. They run from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and guests can show up and stay as long as they would like within that timeframe. Sessions are free for children under 4 or $13.93 per person, which let's face it, is still cheaper than a manicure or facial when it comes to self-care.

Most of the Saturday sessions have sold out, but you can still snag tickets for Thursdays or some of the later weekend dates. Whatever the case, we recommend buying yours as soon as possible—anything involving baby animals will sell out; that's just a fact of life!

baby goats

Caromont Farm is located at 9261 Old Green Mountain Road in Esmont, Virginia, over 20 miles south of Charlottesville. You can plan your trip here.

**All photos courtesy of Caromont Farm's Facebook page

Is anyone reserving a snuggle session at Caromont Farm? If you've gone before, how was it? Let us know in the comment section!