With all the new faces on the team, we thought you might need a guide to this season's Redskins players. You're welcome.

I have been waiting all year for this -- it's officially football season! But following Sunday afternoon’s dominant performance against the Arizona Cardinals, you may have been wondering who some of those new Washington Redskins players were. There have been some major changes to the roster from last year, so let’s dig in and go over a few of the big ones.

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The biggest change comes from the biggest position: quarterback. In the off-season, the Redskins traded Kirk Cousins to the Minnesota Vikings to free up some cap space and allow them to pursue another quarterback who wanted an extension with us: Alex Smith. Smith comes from the Kansas City Chiefs where he had multiple Pro Bowl seasons and signed an extension to be the franchise quarterback for years to come.

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The starting running back who scored his 100th career rushing touchdown on Sunday was Adrian Peterson. You may remember him as being the central running back from the Minnesota Vikings for nine seasons. He does come with some baggage though, having been indicted and charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child back in 2014. This was after images circulated of the tree branch Peterson used to beat his young son repeatedly on his back, buttocks, genitals, ankles, and legs.

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The 13th pick in the first round of the draft is starting defensive tackle Da’ron Payne. Payne shows a lot of promise despite being sidelined with an injury early this preseason. He sacked the New York Jets' quarterback on his third play in his preseason debut!

There are still plenty of familiar faces taking the field this season, too. Chris Thompson had a fantastic opening game both receiving and rushing in the opener against the Cardinals. Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis continue to be the one-two punch at the tight end position for the 'Skins.

This game was historic for Adrian Peterson as he not only rushed for his 100th career rushing touchdown but moved up to the top 10 in rushing yards ALL TIME! This was quite the debut game for Peterson who finished with 26 rushes for 96 yards AND two catches totaling 70 yards, including a 52-yard catch!

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The Redskins destroyed the Cardinals on every side of the ball on Sunday. It was such an exciting game to watch! Next Sunday the 'Skins have their home opener -- with Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts coming to town. After that game, I’m expecting this Redskins team will have started the year 2-0!

What did you think of Adrian Peterson's performance? Can Alex Smith maintain the helm at quarterback? What will the score be against the Colts? Let us know in the comments below!

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