Watch all nine Star Wars saga films in a single day for the ultimate marathon!

As The Rise of Skywalker gets closer and closer, the more hyped we're getting for the final installment of the Star Wars saga to hit theaters. (Who else is still freaking out about that new trailer?!) And in celebration of the final film, AMC Theaters will be hosting a mega marathon that will showcase all nine Star Wars films, ending with The Rise of Skywalker being screened to fans one hour before its public release.

Um ... hell, yes!

27-hour star wars marathon

According to AMC, the entire screening will last 27 hours and 21 minutes, beginning on December 18 and ending on December 20.

In addition to watching all nine Star Wars films, fans who attend the 27-hour marathon will also receive "a commemorative pin and blanket, and a concession offer." However, ticket details and locations have not been released by AMC yet, so we definitely suggest keeping an eye out for more information as they come.

What are your expectations for The Rise of Skywalker? Any fun theories to share with us? Will you be attending the 27-hour Star Wars marathon? Sound off in the comments below. And may the Force be with you.