Remember to wash your hands when you're done.

Lots of interesting things happen in bathrooms! 

Cinema has a rich history setting memorable scenes in bathrooms. Not only are they great places to overhear people loudly talking about you, but they're also the perfect venue for poop jokes. Y'know, on account of all the poop. Today, we look at four memorable movie scenes to take place in bathrooms!

Daddy Daycare

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Kudos to Daddy Daycare for making those two words terrifying in a way that no other movie has. This bathroom scene is the shortest on the list, and very little of it actually takes place inside a bathroom. Despite these handicaps, this scene manages to stand out among bathroom-based storytelling for the sheer intensity of Eddy Murphy's reaction.

After simply being told that the child who most recently used the bathroom has "missed," Eddy Murphy's character pokes his head in the door. What follows is a cavalcade of negative emotions. Although we understand the horror waiting in the bathroom only from the pained reaction's on his face, the look that Eddy Murphy gives the toilet is that of a man tormented. We witness multiple stages of grief flash across his face in mere seconds as he slowly surveys the damage to the bathroom. 

By the time that Eddy Murphy is staring in absolute despair at whatever mess has been left upon the ceiling, the damage has been done. We've witnessed the absolute death of a man's spirit, suffering told in a thousand tiny rattles within the prisons of his eyes. Poop jokes are funny!

The Shining

Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Fun fact: Production on The Shining went through 60 doors across three days of filming to get this scene right. They had originally planned to use a prop door, but Jack Nicholson was eager to use the fire ax skills that he had picked up as a volunteer firefighter. 

The sheer horror of this scene is hard to ignore. This is one of those rare horror movies that is better to watch in a bathroom because it saves you from some of the harsher effects of Jack Nicholson's pure, pants-wettingly terrifying performance. 

A porta-potty on a rollercoaster would be a less terrifying bathroom to be trapped in. 

21 Jump Street

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When people talk about having "good on-screen chemistry", they usually aren't referring to how well a pair of characters can shove their fists down each other's throats. Still, that's how this film decides to employ the star power of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. 

After being pressured into taking drugs, the two rush to the bathroom and attempt to throw them up. Neither of them must be familiar with Nickelback's discography, as they're unable to vomit on command. What follows is a frantic attempt to make each other throw up, conducted with all the delicate subtlety of a cow giving birth in a construction zone. While the two keep choking each other, we see an old janitor in the background, staring at them with a certain familiar, defeated disappointment. 


Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

This scene has often been called one of the most influential showers ever taken, and it's not difficult to see why. Before this film, showers were widely considered to be warm, safe environments where people could wash the filth off their bodies in peace. After 1960, however, showers are just chambers of anxiety partially thanks to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

It's difficult to overstate how impressive this shot was at the time. Early audiences were impressed that Hitchcock had managed to shoot inside a shower without getting any water on the camera lens, a difficult feat at the time. This respect quickly gives way to panic, however, when Janet Leigh's character is stabbed to death. Most people are aware that Hershey's Chocolate syrup was used for the blood effect, but did you know that this scene was influential enough that Janet Leigh stopped taking showers after shooting it?

At least there's still bathtubs. Nothing bad has ever happened in a bathtub ...

Can you think of any other movies with particularly memorable bathroom scenes? Let us know in the comments!