Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

Ever put yourself in the shoes of Kevin from the movie Home Alone and wondered what it would be like to live on your own in the McCallister house? Now, thanks to Jeremy Turner and an Airbnb available in Dallas, Texas, you can!

A "limited-edition" rental, called "The Kevin" has been painstakingly put together with details "hand-picked" to mirror the now iconic house that Macaulay Culkin's character Kevin found himself defending from potential home invaders in the modern classic movie.

Not only is the furniture and arrangement nearly identical to scenes from the movie, but the rental is also salt and peppered with props that have clearly been chosen with an attention to detail. A soda can with the old school Pepsi logo sits on an end table next to a lounge chair; a Blockbuster Video case can be found on the coffee table; and, of course, Kevin's homemade booby traps and contraptions lay around the house.

Courtesy of KHOU 11 (YouTube)

Micro Machines litter the floor, mannequins—along with a cardboard cut out of Michael Jordan actually move in front of the windows—and the now-infamous paint cans hang from the ceiling ready to subdue any would-be intruders. To top it all off, renters can enjoy a cheese pizza delivered to add to the experience!

Speaking with CBS17, host Jeremy Turner said he likes creating "immersive" experiences for his guests. He's no stranger to themes either, he's hosted two other Airbnb's in the Dallas area as well—one '80s and the other '90s themed.    

The rental is available until the end of January but spots already seem to be filling up quickly. Although a couple of different news sources have quoted different prices, the posting on lists the cost at $210 per night, so you should probably be prepared to drop at least that much. The website also says no parties but doesn't mention anything about having a couple of friends swing by dressed up as Harry and Marv ... take that as you will.

How long have you been waiting for this?!? Will you be making a reservation at "The Kevin"?  Let us know in the comments!