After countless seasons, Christmas specials, and even a full-length feature film, "Downton Abbey" fans want more. It looks like another movie is on the way!

According to British entertainment news reports, writer and series creator Julian Fellowes will be working on a prequel later this year.

The unprecedented success of the first film cemented the need for a second one, and fans couldn't be happier.

What do you think—would a prequel explain a bit more about the Russian almost-scandal? Could we finally find out more about life at Downton with the Dowager Countess as the lady of the house? How did Cora end up marrying into British aristocracy? We need to know!

The cast is scattered all over the globe working on other projects, so the first order of business would be a storyline and script. We're not even at the beginning of the development process yet, folks, so you'll need to be patient. Don't let up on your support as more updates emerge!

For now, we can all just sound off and send our unsolicited advice in hopes that the development team sees it.

In the meantime, Fellowes has quite a bit on his plate. Belgravia is coming out next, then HBO's The Gilded Age will keep us busy.

How do you feel about this breaking news? Are you excited or somewhat skeptical? Sound off in the comments!