Everyone loves an underdog story, and that's exactly what a sports-themed mini-documentary intends to deliver on Sunday.

“Not Just A Game—The Story of Savage,” a 15-minute short film about a Baltimore-area youth hockey player, debuts Sunday, July 26. 

A one-minute teaser was released in advance of the film’s release, featuring some inspirational words seemingly directed toward Savage, who otherwise isn’t revealed in the promo. 

“I think you are an amazing young man, and I think the sky is the limit for you,” an unidentified individual says near the video’s end. 

Tyrone “Savage” Carey—his true identity, according to The Baltimore Sun—does make an appearance in a second promo from Just Stunt Productions, the maker of the short film. The brief video offers Savage a chance to speak highly of the youth hockey program seen playing in the first promo.

“The Baltimore Banners ice hockey program has helped me a lot, a long with some friends, too,” Savage says in a second promo. “Honestly, it helped a lot of us, and I wish we had more programs like it.”

Created by Just Stunt Productions and The Tender Bridge, the film's virtual debut is hosted by The Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture.

Sign up in advance of the 3 p.m. Sunday, July 26, screening to receive a link to the film.