Worst movies of the year: "Wonder Woman 1984" and "Dolittle" are some of the more notable nominees.

The annual Golden Raspberry Awards, or Razzie Awards, has revealed its nominations for the worst movies of 2020. Robert Downey Jr.'s Dolittle, Sia's Music, and others are some of the most disliked films from last year, according to the nominee list.

Check out the full list of Razzie Award nominees below!

2021 Razzie Award Nominations:

2021 razzie awards, wonder woman 1984
Wonder Woman 1984 is up for 2 Razzie Awards, including Worst Supporting Actress and Worst Sequel.

Worst Picture

365 Days
Absolute Proof
Fantasy Island

Worst Actor

Robert Downey, Jr. - Dolittle
Mike Lindell - Absolute Proof
Michele Morrone - 365 Days
Adam Sandler - Hubie Halloween
David Spade - The Wrong Missy

Worst Actress

Anne Hathaway - The Last Thing He Wanted and Roald Dahl's The Witches
Katie Holmes - Brahms: The Boy II and The Secret: Dare to Dream
Kate Hudson - Music
Lauren Lapkus - The Wrong Missy
Anna-Maria Sieklucka - 365 Days

Worst Supporting Actress

Glenn Close - Hillbilly Elegy
Lucy Hale - Fantasy Island 
Maggie Q - Fantasy Island
Kristen Wiig - Wonder Woman 1984
Maddie Ziegler - Music

Worst Supporting Actor

Chevy Chase - The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee
Rudy Giuliani (As "Himself") - Borat, Subsequent Movie-Film
Shia LeBeouf - The Tax Collector
Arnold Schwarzeneggar - Iron Mask
Bruce Willis - Breach, Hard Kill, and Survive the Night

2021 razzie awards, hubie halloween
Adam Sander's "Hubie Halloween" is up for 3 Razzie Awards, including Worst Actor and Worst Screen Combo.

Worst Screen Combo

Maria Bakalova & Rudy Giuliani - Borat Subsequent Movie-Film
Robert Downey Jr. & His Utterly Unconvincing "Welsh" Accent - Dolittle
Harrison Ford & That Totally Fake-Looking CGI “Dog” - Call of the Wild
Lauren Lapkus & David Spade - The Wrong Missy
Adam Sandler & His Grating Simpleton Voice - Hubie Halloween

Worst Director

Charles Band - All 3 Barbie & Kendra movies
Barbara Bialowas & Tomasz Mandes - 365 Days
Stephen Gaghan - Dolittle
Ron Howard - Hillbilly Elegy
Sia - Music 

Worst Screenplay

365 Days 
All 3 Barbie & Kendra Movies
Fantasy Island
Hillbilly Elegy

Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel

365 Days (Polish Remake/Rip-Off of Fifty Shades of Grey)
Dolittle (Remake)
Fantasy Island (Remake/Re-Imagining)
Hubie Halloween (Remake/Rip-Off of Ernest Scared Stupid)
Wonder Woman 1984 (Sequel)

Are there any other movies from 2020 that you believe should be included on the nominations list? Any that shouldn't be nominated, but are? Share your thoughts in the comments below.