Simply put, this movie is an action-packed Disney tale with a sumptuous Southeast Asian backdrop.

Forget the musicals of years past—this latest film is a symphony of breath-taking fight scenes and gorgeous scenery. The protagonist is Raya, the daughter of a village chief known as the ultimate warrior guardian. Check out this snippet of the action:

Comedian and rapper Awkwafina steals the show as Sisu, the last dragon in the land. Her trademark raspy voice and impeccable timing add a fresh dimension to the impossibly fluffy, lovable character. Kelly Marie Tran, fresh off of her well-deserved Star Wars fame, is perfectly cast as Raya. She brings just enough girl power to the game to make a big impact from the very first scene. Let's just say, you'll be seeing lots of high kicks after the movie lets out.

Without giving away too much of the plot, the story is set in the mythical place called Kumandra, which is broken up into five separate regions: Heart, Fang, Spine, Tail, and Talon. Raya's quest for the last dragon and an eventual bigger task takes her through all of the fantastical landscapes. World travelers will have fun trying to figure out which land corresponds to its current-day equivalent, like Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. From the food to the glorious landscape art, this movie is truly a visual feast.

The big question for most parents is: just how scary is the bad guy? Raya and her compatriots are battling amorphous entities known as Druuns. As creepy as they are, they would probably only induce nightmares in the absolute youngest of viewers. There is just the right mix of comedy and heart to balance them out, so don't worry!

Like many Disney movies, food plays an important role throughout the plot. Do yourself a favor and get some Southeast Asian snacks if you're watching this at home. Think congee, tom yum goong soup, tropical fruit, and some fresh shrimp. You'll thank me for this tip, I promise.

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Raya and the Last Dragon is currently playing in theaters and is available on Disney+ for streaming with Premier Access. Check it out for your next movie night!

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