From family-friendly to adults-only, Disney+ is shaking things up at the magic kingdom.

Disney has always been known for its family-friendly content. That’s exactly why there was so much confusion regarding the company’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

The acquisition brought R-rated films such as Deadpool, Alien, and the Kingsman franchises and adult animated series such as Family Guy and Futurama to the family-friendly House of Mouse. So, what was the company going to do with this mature content? According to rumors, the answer lies in Disney+.

According to multiple sources, there is talk in the film industry that Disney+ will be adding an adults-only section to stream Fox and MGM content. Subscribers will have to enter a PIN code in order to access the more mature area of the streaming service, much like the parental controls option on Netflix. This would prevent younger audiences from viewing R-rated content and provide more use for adults subscribing to the streaming service.

Originally, fans thought Disney would use Hulu to stream its R-rated content, but the use of Disney+ makes much more sense. Disney+ has a larger audience than Hulu, including a very sizeable international fanbase. Disney+ is also 100-percent owned by Disney, whereas Hulu is only 67-percent Disney-owned. Therefore, Disney would have to split the proceeds if they used Hulu for its mature content.

If the rumors are true, we can expect to see a lot more content coming to Disney+ in the coming year. Let us know which films you’re excited to see on the streaming service in the comments!