Lin-Manuel Miranda has announced that the long-awaited film version of Broadway hit musical "Hamilton" will be a theatrical release of a 2016 performance, starring the original cast.

We don't know when it will be exactly, but Lin-Manuel Miranda announced this week that the in-the-works Hamilton film will be worth waiting for—because it will star the original Broadway cast.

This is important to Hamilton fans because it means that the famous soundtrack with which millions fell in love will not be tarnished by external forces in the film version. 

Just kidding; we all know Hamilton is realllllly good no matter who you see perform it! (But there is something special about the OG. Just sayin.')

The film will not be a typical movie production in the traditional sense; it's actually going to be a theatrical release of a performance filmed back in 2016.

There's no update as to when the movie will be released to the big screen.

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