Of all the origin stories out there, 'Joker' is one that can be told and retold without ever getting old. This latest offering by Warner Bros. stars everyone's favorite cryptic character, Joaquin Phoenix.

Soon we'll find out how the Joker became the cackling bad guy he is. If you're going strictly by the preview, there's a reason why he is the way he is ... and it starts in a dark alley with a major butt-whooping.

Check out the trailer, courtesy of Warner Bros.:

After its unveiling in Toronto and Venice, the movie is already getting accolades from all sides. It even won the coveted Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival.

Critics are lauding the film for everything from Phoenix's performance to the cinematography. Could the superhero genre be shifting back to black with this film noir-style adaptation? The emphasis on mental health issues and the breakdown of Joker's personal support system is a timely new twist on this storyline.

If the recent reactions to the premiere are to be believed, then Joker is definitely going to be a must-see movie this fall.

Are you looking forward to seeing if Joker lives up to the hype? Let us know what you thought if you were able to see an early release—no spoilers, please!