Long live the king! 

Disney has been a very big part of my life because I grew up watching the animated favorites like Mulan, Hercules, and The Emperor's New Groove. When I saw that Disney was remaking The Lion King, I squealed like a kid in a candy shop knowing that one of my beloved favorites was coming to the big screen again!

I spent my childhood dancing around my home singing, "Hakuna Matata" and "I Can't Wait to Be King" at the top of my lungs and was excited to experience that joy and part of my childhood all over again. I was, however, a little hesitant when I noticed that the movie appeared to have the look of a National Geographic documentary, but still waited in anticipation for the premiere date.

I adored this remake of The Lion King and felt it was well worth the wait. From the incredible computer-generated (CG) effects to the close-knit storyline, The Lion King remake soared into my top favorite movies list! 

Whether you are for or against the live-action look of the film, it is worth watching, at least once. 

Here's the trailer:

Courtesy of Flicks and City Clips

**Warning** Spoilers Ahead

What I Didn't Like

The computer-generated (CG) character and effects were too real and took away from the fact that this was supposed to be a cute story by Disney. I felt as if I was watching a National Geographic documentary with singing animals who had to deal with the hardships of living in the wild. 

The incredible effects took away from the emotional factor of the characters, and I felt as if I was watching real-live animals moving their mouths. While the graphics were intended to appear as a live-action point of view, they were instead the downfall of the film. 

Here is an example:

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

As well as the CG, Scar's appearance was drastically different, and I had to locate the scar on his face in order to identify him. In the original movie, he had dark fur and hair and a distinct scar across his face, hence his name. However, the live-action remake presented a realistic approach to what a lion with a scar would look like. 

What I Did Like

For the most part, The Lion King stayed true to the original story. I enjoyed seeing the original story on the screen, but secretly I had hoped for something more – I was anxious to know what the writers of the 2019 remake could bring to it. Instead, they gave us a story we already knew. 

Since this was intended as a remake, the writers chose to cut certain scenes short and changed the story, just slightly. In Aladdin, Disney had gone off-script quite a bit by making Jasmine a more interactive character, and I had hoped they would do the same for The Lion King

I know that I just said the computer-generated (CG) affects were the downfall of the film, but I do have to applaud the artists on a job well done. The characters were so lifelike that I felt as if I were standing in Africa with the animals. They were eye-catching, incredibly realistic, and unbelievably crystal clear – this was what Jon Favreau was aiming for, and he succeeded! 

The music was just as catchy as it was back then. I was dancing around in my seat (being judged by those around me) when my favorites were sung. In fact, if there had been fewer people in the theatre, I probably would have sung along with them. 

Courtesy of Giphy

Favreau did a phenomenal job casting the main characters because the actors possessed qualities of the characters they voiced on the big screen. I was especially impressed with Chiwetel Ejiofor, who voiced Scar. He managed to bring a weaker side to the character that we had not seen before, combining both animal and human-like feelings.  

I especially enjoyed John Oliver's performance as Zazu because he fit the knit-tight and adventurous personality perfectly. He spends time on his late-night HBO show doing research, so it was only fitting that he played a bird who went out searching and patrolling the area. 

The Lion King remake was truly beautiful and a nice tribute to the original film although it did present some problems. However, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this rendition and would recommend that you take the time to go see it. 

Overall, I give The Lion King 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Did you see the movie? What did you think of the remake? Did you feel that it was too realistic? What rating would you give it? Tell us in the comments.