"Into the Tall Grass" shows a frightening series of events that are confusing and difficult to piece together. The film falls into the thriller, drama, and horror genres, yet it mimics some aspects of a psychological thriller.

Stephen King's legacy is still in its continuum with the release of several new horror novels within the last few years. Filmmakers have paid tribute to these popular books by creating movies based on his creepy stories. The latest, Into the Tall Grass, was picked up by Netflix and received a mixed response of ratings from viewers. 

I was somewhat hesitant to watch Into the Tall Grass because Netflix's other Stephen King original,1922, failed to pique my interest, and I was worried the same would happen with this film. For the sake of my horror movie obsession, I chose to watch it and when the credits rolled across the screen, my final thought was, "That was confusing, but, scary and enjoyable to watch." I was mostly pleased with what I had seen. 

I would recommend watching this film at least once so you can decide for yourself how you feel. 

Here's the Trailer: 

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**Warning** Spoilers Ahead

What I Didn't Like

The repetitive story. Although it was intended that way, the events did not play out well on the screen and left me scratching my head. The repetitive stories eventually connected to one another but were only lightly explained. To this day, I'm still confused. 

Although this method forces you to think about the story more, causing you to research the purpose behind the madness, it could have been presented better. 

For instance, the dark boulder resting in the center of the field was just a creepy presence in the film because it was lightly mentioned by the characters and shown its "powers" through imagery. I am a visual learner so this imagery should have been effective, however, I still don't really understand the full purpose of the evil boulder. 

From what I understood, the evil force (boulder) in the center of the field was intended to make you see the unknown and live the same events over and over again. 

The viewers were left guessing why this presence existed other than to control the forest, yourself, and what made the "tall grass" evil. The film was left with one major open-ended question: Where did this presence come from and why does it exist? 

Hand in Tall Grass

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Into the Tall Grass mimics the plotline of a psychological thriller without all the signs pointing to one major message. This film is labeled in the horror, thriller, and drama category but attempts to reach into the psychological genre with the repetitive story and confusing events. 

The incidents that occurred throughout the film lead to the idea that no one is in control of themselves or their decisions. The final message did not match the situations that occurred in the movie and were sporadic, crazy, and scary. If there was a stronger message in the film, it was not clearly brought to our intention. 

What I Liked

Although the overall storyline was lacking, the film was a decent watch. There were many jumps and psychological frights that through me for a loop. I found myself constantly asking, "Are they really dead?" 

Netflix did not hold back with the graphics which were a plus-side to the production of this film. There was plenty of blood and dead bodies to justify the film as haunting. I found myself jumping at several scenes curious to know what happened. 

Last but not least, the acting within the film was well done. Avery Whitted did an excellent job playing Cal because he was able to successfully hide his secrets and true feeling about his sister, Becky's, ex-boyfriend. When Cal finally revealed how he felt about Travis (Harrison Gilbertson) I was genuinely shocked and was convinced that Cal was just the good guy. 

Like the Murder House in American Horror Story, the tall grass messes with your mind and forces you to do unexpected things. The evil force controls your thoughts and actions. 

Into the Tall Grass Characters

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Overall, I was satisfied with the graphics, eerieness, acting, and the fact that I had to research what had just happened. Into the Tall Grass kept my attention and forced me to continue guessing what would happen next. 

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars

What did you think of this film? Did you think it was confusing or did you understand it? Do you think it was that scary? Tell me in the comments; I want to get a conversation started.