Watch (and tweet, and like, and share) this chilling thriller released just in time for Halloween. 

We show our best selves on social media, and we enjoy scrolling through the lives of our friends as well as the newest recipe to try. Though is there an underlying consequence to being dependent on our favorite platforms? After investigative research, Netflix recently released The Social Dilemma, revealing a compelling list of data surrounding our interaction with social media.

There are countless benefits to social media as many platforms have been instrumental in connecting friends, family, and colleagues across the globe. Individual platforms have been just that, platforms to advocate for causes such as oppression and justice. In the midst of the global pandemic of 2020, social media became a lifeline for many while quarantined at home.

"Through a unique combination of documentary investigation and entertaining narrative drama, award-winning filmmakers Jeff Orlowski (Chasing Ice, Chasing Coral) and Larissa Rhodes (Chasing Coral) have once again exposed the invisible in a manner that is both enlightening and harrowing as they disrupt the disrupters by unveiling the hidden machinations behind everyone’s favorite social media and search platforms."

Digital platforms are continuing to grow in popularity and dependence as those in Silicon Valley speak out against the drawbacks, and even dangers, of social media. Director Jeff Orlowski and his team interviewed several tech experts speaking against social media platforms, even their own creations. The film features compelling interviews with high-profile tech whistleblowers and innovation leaders working on platforms, including Facebook and Pinterest.

While the general public is posting vacation and meal photos, there are engineers and systems in place to track interest and interaction. The Social Dilemma takes creative license with its narrative drama to display how the dark side of social media can plays out in real life.

"There were meaningful changes happening around the world because of these platforms. I think we were naive about the flipside of that coin." 

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