As in a movie about the event that is lowkey still happening.

In weird news, Noah Centineo has been cast by Netflix ... again ... for a movie about the GameStop stock surge. Yes, the one that literally just happened. And kind of still is happening. According to writer and director Jessica Ellis, "Even Casablanca, which is so notable for being written during World War II, was made halfway through the war when the scope of it was visible."

As the actual events upon which the film will be based are still unfolding, the details of the film are ... fuzzy. All we know for sure is that it will be produced by Netflix, and Centineo will play a major role in the film. The film may or may not be written by Mark Boal, award-winning screenwriter of The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, who is "in negotiations to write," according to Deadline, and Scott Galloway, a journalist, activist, and NYU professor, may or may not consult on the script. 

And while it is an incredibly unusual move to pre-produce a film mid-events, one which could potentially indicate a watershed moment for Hollywood, let's not get distracted from the heart of the matter: Netflix obviously has a huuuge crush on Noah Centineo. I can almost hear the schoolyard chants: Noah and Netflix sittin' in their *heaps of money*, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

After writing this article, I will immediately commence trawling the internet for evidence that Centineo has "Netflix + Noah 4ever" tattooed on his bicep, inner wrist, or behind his ear. Although, honestly, maybe I'm just jealous of their special relationship.

Apart from Netflix and Noah's relationship (just kidding, nothing matters apart from that), I have so many questions, and it looks like I might have to wait a minute to get answers. What did that conversation with his agent look like? Will Centineo play a Redditor or a Stock Bro(ker)? Will he surpass his perfect line reading of "Damn, Covey, you're a player"? And will the film be called "The Surge" or "GameStop," and will the tagline be GameStop's tagline: "Power to the players," and, and, and?

Okay, I'm out. Gonna go calm myself down by watching every one of Noah Centineo's six Netflix films. For, uh ... research. 

What's your take? Does this indicate major changes in the way movies are produced? And, most importantly, are Netflix and Noah Centineo the greatest power couple since Cleopatra and Mark Antony, or just since Beyoncé and Jay-Z? Tell us in the comments.