The swashbuckling series Pirates of the Caribbean will return—but this time with a new heroine as the main character!

According to insiders, Disney is set to reboot the successful movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean. This time, however, they are said to want a female as the main character.

Based off a Disney theme park, the first installment of the series, The Curse of the Black Pearl, premiered in 2003, bringing a new sense of fun, excitement, and action to how pirates could be portrayed in Hollywood. It also brought one of the most originally creative and fantastically captivating characters in Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow, a captain many fans and critics believed to be the anchor (pun intended) of the series. 

Although Depp's Jack Sparrow has been the glue holding the five Pirates movies together for almost two decades, it appears Disney wants a fresh start. Reports are actually indicating Karen Gillian, an actress on the rise after her star-making appearances in movies and TV shows such as Jumanji, Doctor Who, and a handful of Marvel's gems as Nebula.

So far these are only reports, but we can definitely see new movies happening in the future. Pirates of the Caribbean has given audiences plenty of fun and action over the years, with memorable characters like Will Turner, Captain Barbossa, and Elizabeth Swann. It'll more than likely succeed on all parts again ... even with a female lead!

Are you excited to see the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot? Would you want a female lead replacing Johnny Depp? Comment below!