The newest version of this classic tale stars Robert Downey Jr. as the charismatic doctor who befriends animals.

Unlike other reboots, the 2020 version of Dolittle takes place in 19th-century England, directly involving Queen Victoria in the plot. When she becomes ill, it's up to Dr. Dolittle and his special talents to save the day. Directed by Stephen Gaghan, the movie has a particularly steampunk feel to it (maybe it's just the top hat) and quick, witty repartee.

Dolittle comes out in theaters everywhere on January 17, so get your tickets now for this family-friendly film.

Take a look at the trailer, courtesy of Universal Studios, here:

Some of your favorite big-name actors voice key characters in the movie. John Cena as a burly polar bear? Sheer casting genius! Emma Thompson as a parrot sidekick? Perfect! You're going to want to keep this chart handy to figure out who's who. Personally, I can't wait to hear Craig Robinson in his role as a mouse.

The movie's Twitter feed has plenty of cute videos, including animal auditions and in-depth interviews to tide you over.

Will you be heading to the theaters for this latest film version of the classic Dr. Dolittle story? Who are you the most excited about in their spirit animal form? Let us know in the comments!