D.C.'s favorite Christmas movie? "Trading Places."

It’s officially the season of giving, hot chocolate, and snow, which means that your movie playlist will change -- from your typical favored genres to stories involving Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and festivity (check out our Hallmark movie drinking game here!). 

Streaming Observer teamed up with Mindnet Analytics and used Google trends to come up with a favorite movie for each state. The list may surprise you!  

So what's Washington, D.C.'s most-watched Christmas movie? Trading Places.

I was both surprised and not surprised by this choice. I guess Business Insider makes a pretty decent case for why they think it's the best Christmas movie of all time (it's set during the Christmas season with comedy and Christian themes). And since D.C. is a fast-paced, all-too-stressful city, Trading Places actually kind of fits -- it features a commodities broker, and that's a stressful, fast-paced life. 

Want to know what ranked the top movie for other states? Check out the full list here:

Alabama: Home Alone
Alaska: The Apartment
Arizona: Edward Scissorhands
Arkansas: Gremlins
California: Batman Returns
Colorado: Gremlins
Connecticut: Trading Places
Delaware: A Christmas Story
District of Columbia: Trading Places
Florida: Batman Returns
Georgia: Gremlins
Hawaii: Trading Places
Idaho: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Illinois: Home Alone
Indiana: Home Alone
Iowa: Home Alone
Kansas: Scrooged
Kentucky: Elf
Louisiana: Batman Returns
Maine: The Snowman
Maryland: Miracle on 34th Street
Massachusetts: Love Actually
Michigan: Holiday Inn
Minnesota: White Christmas
Mississippi: The Best Man Holiday
Missouri: Die Hard
Montana: Christmas in Connecticut
Nebraska: Bad Santa
Nevada: Edward Scissorhands
New Hampshire: A Christmas Carol
New Jersey: Trading Places
New Mexico: The Nightmare Before Christmas
New York: The Apartment
North Carolina: Gremlins
North Dakota: Home Alone
Ohio: Home Alone
Oklahoma: Gremlins
Oregon: Scrooged
Pennsylvania: Trading Places
Rhode Island: The Night Before
South Carolina: Gremlins
South Dakota: Frosty the Snowman
Tennessee: A Christmas Carol
Texas: Gremlins
Utah: While You Were Sleeping
Vermont: Joyeux Noel
Virginia: Die Hard
Washington: Die Hard
West Virginia: The Ref
Wisconsin: Die Hard
Wyoming: Scrooged

What do you think about D.C.'s choice of Trading Places? What's your favorite Christmas movie? Tell us in the comments below!

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