It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus.

Halloween is nearly here, and we're not sure about you, but we're just shivering with antici- ... pation!

In preparation for the ghoulish holiday, we've put together the Ultimate Halloween Horror Movie Drinking Game—'cause nothing says "Halloween" like a horror movie marathon. So pick your poison (not literally, though, okay?), throw on your favorite slasher/horror flick, and get ready to be adequately sloshed.

*Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. We do not recommend or condone any misuse of alcohol—including excessive consumption, drinking and driving, binge-drinking, and/or underage drinking. It is the players' responsibility to monitor and moderate their alcohol consumption. Always have a designated BB (booze buddy) with you at all times.*

The Ultimate Halloween Horror Movie Drinking Game

Take 1 Sip ...

  • Every time someone trips for absolutely no reason while running away
  • Every time you visibly flinch from a jump scare (*bonus sip if you make a sound or scream*)
  • Every time someone doesn't take a serious threat, well, seriously
  • If there's a killer doll or creepy child

Take 2 Sips ...

  • If there's a death before the opening credits (*bonus sip for each additional death*)
  • Every time phones, cars, flashlights, doors, etc. don't work (let's be real, nothing ever works when there's a psychotic killer on the loose!)
  • Every time somebody hides in a closet (*bonus sip for each additional person in the closet*)
  • If someone grabs a butcher knife from the kitchen (killer does not count)

Finish Your Drink ...

  • When someone you thought was dead shows up later on in the movie and is very much alive
  • When someone asks, "Why are you doing this?" or "What do you want from me?"
  • If the killer ends up being related to the main characters (friend, parent, relative, etc.)
  • Every time someone says, "I'll be right back" or something similar

Well, what do you think? Have anything you think we should add to our Halloween Horror Movie Drinking Game? Sound off in the comments below. And Happy Halloween!